About Trusted Union

Comercial Property Insurance

Trusted Union is an independent insurance brokerage based in Hong Kong. The company has over a decade of insurance industry experience and brings a wealth of insurance knowledge to our clients and prospective clients.

As a trusted advisor, our first priority is to help our clients manage their everyday risks. We are pleased to offer risk management services to individuals, families, and businesses throughout our marketing area, and our goal is to deliver affordable and comprehensive insurance solutions for every client we serve.

As an experienced insurance brokerage, we retain key relationships with a broad offering of multinational insurance partners and companies. By representing multiple providers in every insurance category, we can offer advice using the most comprehensive insurance policies available in the marketplace.

It is always our intention to represent the interests of Trusted Union clients and prospects first and foremost, and we remain obligated to deliver advice and insurance products according to our professional code of conduct.

Ultimately, we act as an advocate for our client, and as such we are obligated to provide the best options and solutions for each risk that an insurance product can mitigate. Our goal is to help each client and prospective client arrive at the best and most informed decision, and never apply pressure that would induce our clients to purchase a policy that is not in their best interest.

What is our strategy?

  • To build strong relationships with clients through a personal approach to insurance;
  • To put together the right solutions for clients based on extensive requirements gathering;
  • To adapt with and for our clients to a changing digital global business environment whilst anchored on traditional values.

Products and services

  • Offering independent insurance advice to corporate entities, from start-ups to well-established businesses looking for soltuions to complex insurance scenarios;
  • Providing advice to individuals to aid selection of the right policy, from the broad spectrum of insurance products available;
  • Putting the needs of the client first by offering a broad array of quotes from highly-rated insurance companies.

Core values

  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Professional code of conduct
  • Transparency

Core policy services

  • Policy administration
  • Policy renewal
  • Claims support
  • Insurance market comparisons
  • Quotation comparison

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