Hong Kong has one of the most advanced medical systems in the world. Combining its British roots and the modern free market mentality of the city, the medical system in Hong Kong operates off of a dual public-private healthcare model. If you live in Hong Kong, you likely already have “health insurance” through your valid Hong Kong ID card which qualifies you for heavily subsidized treatments at any one of Hong Kong’s 44 public hospitals or through some individual, family, or corporate private health insurance policy. That said, once you leave Hong Kong, you may not have the same protection. Residents looking to travel outside for business or pleasure should consider purchasing travel insurance in Hong Kong before departure to ensure that they have adequate coverage for any accidents or illnesses that happen in your destination country.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

The short answer is yes as you will not be able to enjoy the same subsidized healthcare you would get in Hong Kong and your private health insurance policy may not extend coverage outside of Hong Kong.

Whether you’re on a short work trip, going on a month long backpacking trip, or going overseas to study, you will need a travel insurance policy to make sure that you have coverage for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses that you might catch on your trip.

Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or to an important business meeting, the last thing you want to be is stuck in a hospital bed.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Generally speaking, travel insurance policies are designed to cover medical expenses insureds incur due to accidental bodily injury or illnesses that they contract while outside of their home territory. While medical costs are the main concern, the best travel insurance policies in Hong Kong will also include some useful supplemental coverages such as:

1). Trip interruption, cancellation, delay: the insurer will reimburse you for non-refundable travel expenses if someone in your travel group falls ill or dies and you cannot continue the trip
2). Legal counsel at your destination
3). Hotel convalescence if you need to recover in your hotel before you are medically able to fly back to Hong Kong
4). Return of the deceased to Hong Kong
5). Lost passport, tickets, or baggage

What Does Travel Insurance Not Cover?

An important exclusion to be aware of is that there is no coverage for medical costs arising out of pre-existing conditions. For example, if you have a heart condition, any emergency medical expenses arising out of that would not be covered. That said, some travel insurance companies in Hong Kong will offer coverage if you can prove that your condition was under control or stable for the last 3 to 6 months.

Other potentially important exclusions include:
1). Pregnancy-related issues if the traveller is within 8 weeks of the expected due date
2). Suicide or attempted suicide
3). Criminal act or attempted criminal acts committed by the insured (i.e. driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol)
4). War (this exclusion is important for journalists, diplomats, or other people traveling to high-risk areas)
6). Injuries arising out of hazardous activities such as participation in professional sports

Travel Insurance

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of travel insurance (like any insurance) depends on a variety of factors including:
1). The number of people insured
2). Single trip or annual policy
3). Age and health of the applicant(s)
4). Number and duration of trip(s)
5). Policy limits
6). Area of travel

What Are Some Important Things I Should Know When Comparing Travel Insurance in Hong Kong?

You should note that some travel insurance companies will require a medical questionnaire for those with pre-existing health conditions or for travelers above a certain age (usually 65 years old). There are also some insurers that do not insure travelers that are over a certain age.

You have the option to select the maximum length of your trip and it typically ranges from 30 days to 180 days but coverage for longer periods is available.

You also need to make sure that you arrange travel insurance and receive confirmation of coverage before your departure time. Once you’ve left Hong Kong, most travel insurance companies will not offer you coverage. Luckily, travel insurance is fairly easy to purchase for most people. You can even call us on your way to the airport and we can arrange the proper insurance for you right there on the phone.

What is the Best Travel Insurance for Hong Kong People?

Types of travel insurance policies vary almost as widely as the people buying them. On top of the different limits and tiers of coverage available to choose from, travel insurance in HK can be purchased for an individual or as a bundle policy for a whole family to save some money (handy for big family vacations).

And while most travel insurance is purchased for a single trip, frequent flyers that travel multiple times a year for business or pleasure can save my purchasing an annual policy.

If you would like to know which travel insurance policy is best for your specific needs or would like to compare travel insurance in Hong Kong, contact a licensed Trusted Union travel insurance advisor for quick no-obligation quotes.