Swinna Keung

Swinna Keung

Client Services Manager

Prior to joining Trusted Union, Swinna started in the insurance industry in 2005 at AIA handling life insurance applications. She’s worked at many different brokerages over her 10+ year career (including 2 years at QBE in their claims department handling travel, medical, and home insurance claims) before landing at Village Insurance in 2014 where she met Liam. Soon after Trusted Union started, Swinna joined in June 2017 to help Liam with the general insurance side of the business.

Outside of work, Swinna is very much a family person with a passion for cooking and spending time with her family. Admittedly, one of her guilty pleasures is to just relax in front of the TV catching up on the latest episode of her favorite Korean or Japanese drama.

Working with Swinna, you can expect her to take full ownership of the relationship and use her vast experience with general insurance advice and claims handling to advocate on your behalf.

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