Luxury Yacht Insurance

Luxury Yacht Insurance

Whether you are an explorer that relies on a specially equipped open-water vessel or your passion is to sail the open seas aboard a high-end superyacht, your private client broker can provide insurance solutions to cover your non-commercial vessel for damages to the vessel, all installed equipment, contents and furnishings, and other personal effects.

The Trusted Union insurance professionals will also make certain your luxury yacht and vessel package provides cover for:

  • Your vessel while in use, moored, laid up for the season, or being transported.
  • Any boat tenders or ancillary craft such as jet skis or skiffs.
  • Vessel salvage, pollution cleanup, and wreck removal following an incident.

Your insurance package will also provide the necessary third party liability cover in the event an accident happens and you are found liable for injuries or property damage to crew members or a third party.

Not every vessel owner carries the appropriate insurance with sufficient limits. Our insurance professionals will also make certain that your insurance package will provide cover for you and your vessel in the event your vessel is damaged, or you or your passengers are injured by an uninsured or underinsured vessel owner.

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