High Value Jewellery Insurance

High Value Jewellery Insurance

High-value jewellery does not receive comprehensive cover under a contents or building insurance policy. The insurance professionals at Trusted Union can offer comprehensive insurance solutions for your high-value jewellery without mandatory limits and provide the cover on a worldwide basis. Our high-value jewellery program also provides cover for pairs and sets.

Pair and Set cover provides that rather than replace one item of a pair or set, the insurance company will pay to replace the pair or entire set as long as the insured agrees to return the remaining original items to the carrier.

The high-value jewellery insurance policy allows for the insured to schedule each piece, pair, or set of jewellery items according to the appraised value rather than for a blanket amount to ensure that each item has comprehensive cover. The insurer typically offers reduced rates when items not being worn are stored in a safe or deposit box.

You can trust the Trusted Union insurance professionals to make certain that all of your valuable jewellery is insured properly and that each item is properly valued and documented.

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