Private Client Insurance

High Net Worth Insurance

Hong Kong consumers who are considered to be high-net-worth clients should expect their insurance broker to be able to offer insurance solutions

High Value Art Insurance

For most things in your home, a regular home or personal property insurance policy will be enough. But there are limitations for certain items – especially

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance for can help high net worth individuals and families which are typically exposed to

Luxury Yacht Insurance

Whether you are an explorer that relies on a specially equipped open-water vessel or your passion is to sail the open seas aboard a high-end superyacht,

Prestige Car Insurance

Whether you drive a standard vehicle or luxury car, we will accommodate your specific needs and also be able to cover luxury cars, collector, and

High Value Jewellery Insurance

What do you mean by jewellery?

Jewellery can mean any number of things from loose gemstones,

Estate Tax Life Insurance

At Trusted Union, our insurance professionals are intimately aware that most of our Private Client customers work very hard to accumulate wealth and assets

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