If you’re planning or expecting a pregnancy in Hong Kong, this guide will help you figure out how the healthcare system works in Hong Kong for non-residents, whether you need maternity insurance, when you should get it, and what it covers.

Healthcare in Hong Kong

We’ll start off with a quick overview on how the healthcare system works in Hong Kong.

Generally speaking, the healthcare system here is based off of the UK NHS system with eligible persons (residents with an identity card) paying less for healthcare than non-eligible persons. There is also a much more expensive private system that exists in parallel that helps address some of the shortcomings of the public system.

The Public Health System

In Hong Kong, the Hospital Authority runs 162 hospitals and clinics throughout the island. Of these 162 facilities, there are 42 hospitals, 47 specialist outpatient clinics and 73 general outpatient clinics that are organized into 7 clusters:

  • Hong Kong East Cluster
  • Hong Kong West Cluster
  • Kowloon Central Cluster
  • Kowloon East Cluster
  • Kowloon West Cluster
  • New Territories East Cluster
  • New Territories West Cluster

The Private Healthcare System

While the public system in Hong Kong is well developed, clean and professional, there are many reasons why expats (or even some residents) would choose to use the private system for obstetrics (childbirth & pregnancy)

  • You’re have access to English-speaking healthcare staff
  • You’ll be provided with a dedicated obstetric professionals (doctors & midwives)
  • Hospital rooms are more luxurious – while it won’t be like the Peninsula, you can expect hotel-like services

But all these benefits come with a hefty price tag that varies between hospitals. For your reference, here is a brief outline of a few different hospitals and their fees (refer to the actual hospital’s website for more detailed information).

Sanatorium Hospital

Prices range from HK$19,200 + doctor’s fees for a routine delivery to HK$55,200 + doctor’s fees for a c-section in a private room. There will also be extra fees for emergencies or after-hour services.

Canossa Hospital

Prices range from HK$17,100 to HK$79,100 for a c-section (not including doctor’s fees)

Matilda International Hospital

Prices begin at HK$19,500 but can go all the way up to HK$94,000 for a scheduled elective c-section (not including doctor’s fees)

St. Theresa’s Hospital

This is one of the less expensive private hospitals with prices starting at HK$14,800 to HK$39,800 for an elective c-section.

The prices outlined here are just for basic services. Realistically, childbirth and care at a private maternity hospital will cost upwards of HK$100,000 taking all other costs into account.

If you’re curious, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority has published a list of fees and charges for eligible, non-eligible and private medical services provided by HA hospitals and clinics.

Pregnancy & Baby Delivery Costs

Hong Kong is without a doubt an expensive city to live in. With soaring property prices, cost of living has gone up as well bringing healthcare costs with it. Luckily, the friendly folks at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority have developed packages for pregnancies. If you are a non-eligible person going to a public hospital, these are the packages & prices available to you:

Pre-booked Obstetrics Package at Public Hospitals

For HK$39,000, this package includes:

  • 1 antenatal check-up
  • Delivery & delivery care services
  • 3 days & 2 nights of hospitalization in the public general ward for delivery & delivery care services

Non-booked Obstetrics Package at Public Hospitals

For HK$90,000, this package includes:

  • Delivery & delivery care services
  • 3 days & 2 nights of hospitalization in the public general ward for delivery & delivery care services

This package is for people who have not pre-booked or who have not undergone an antenatal check-up provided by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority.

Obstetrics at Private Hospitals

This is where things get much more expensive. For those who want to escape the public healthcare system and give birth at a private maternity hospital like Matilda, Sanatorium or Canossa, the price for a routine pregnancy and birth range from HK$100,000 to HK$200,000.

If there are complications, the price goes up even more.

Maternity Insurance

Maternity Insurance is a type of health insurance that will pay for costs of childbirth and related medical treatments. With rising healthcare costs and the risks of complications, expecting parents in Hong Kong should purchase some Maternity Insurance.

What does it cover?

Typical cover includes:

  • Pre & Post-natal treatment
  • Routine vaginal delivery
  • Medically necessary c-sections
  • Costs of delivery with complications (this is where the real value of Maternity Insurance is)

Additional cover includes:

  • Fertility & IVF treatments
  • Treatment for birth defects
  • Guaranteed coverage extended to the newborn (another important reason why many people choose to purchase Maternity Insurance)

Depending on which insurance company and the type of coverage chosen, you may have some or all of these benefits.  Depending on what coverage you get, you could even get coverage for procedures done at medical facilities outside of Hong Kong.

Where can I get it?

There are a lot of insurers out there providing Maternity Insurance. At Trusted Union we’ve chosen carefully and decided to work with:

We think these insurers offer the best coverage, value and claims service.

What Terms & Conditions do I need to pay attention to?

Now that you’ve decided that Maternity Insurance could be a good fit for you, there are some terms & conditions you need to be aware of.

Waiting Period

Most maternity policies have a waiting period. The waiting period is the time following the start of the policy when you are unable to claim for any expenses incurred during that period. Most Maternity Insurance plans will have a waiting period of at least 10 months. This means you’ll need to plan ahead and purchase Maternity Insurance early on.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in learning more about Maternity Insurance and whether it would be a good fit for you, get in touch with a licensed health insurance professional. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you and provide you with additional information so you can make an informed decision.