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Cigna Health Insurance, headquartered in Bloomfield Connecticut and Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the United States, can trace their roots back to more than 200 years ago. The company has always had a strong reputation since its inception. The great Chicago Fire of October 1871 burned for two days destroying 2000 acres of land and left 100,000 people homeless as a result. INA Corporation (one of the precursors to Cigna), was the only company to pay claims in full – around $650,000 USD in 1871 money. That reputation of trust and financial stability continues on and is one of the many reasons people choose Cigna.

This company as we know it today was formed in 1982 in a merger between INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation. Ever since the merger, they have gone from strength to strength innovating and expanding around the globe.

Today, they have sales capability in 30 countries and more than 86 million customers around the world being served by more than 37,000 employees.

Having worked extensively with Cigna in Hong Kong, we’ve seen first-hand how Cigna prides itself in selling peace of mind and working together with customers to help them lead healthy lives. With a strong focus on prevention, we have no hesitation in recommending any of Cigna’s flexible and affordable health insurance plans.

Why We like Working with Cigna Health Insurance

There’s a lot to like about Cigna Health but here are just some reasons why we think they’re a good fit for our corporate and individual clients – especially those with global needs or business interests.

Flexible & Comprehensive Coverage

Because Cigna International is very large, they offer an extensive range of products which addresses the needs of our corporate clients:

  • Individual & Corporate International Healthcare Plans
  • Dental & Vision Care Plans
  • International Employee Assistance & Evacuation
  • Continuation Options
  • Employee Health & Wellbeing Benefits

You’re also covered wherever business takes you – Cigna HK has an extensive network (over 1,000,000 doctors and hospitals) dedicated to providing top-quality healthcare and financial protection programmes to employers, affinity groups & individuals around the globe.

Awards & Recognition

We like working with established insurance companies with rock solid financials like Cigna.

In 2009, they earned a gold medal for the Gartner & 1to1 Customer Experience Excellence Award for “an unrivalled level of excellence in delivering the customer experience”.

In 2010, they were awarded the JD Power Customer Service award for all of their call centres for the 4th time in a row.

In 2012, they received the prestigious International Benefits Provider of the Year award from the Forum of Expatriate Management (a community of international human resource and global mobility professionals).

Client & Claims Service

Cigna HK agents can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to take care of client needs whenever and wherever they may arise. Couple that with a large network of healthcare providers around the globe and you can sleep soundly knowing that you will be taken care of no matter what life throws at you.

We’ve worked with Cigna for 10 years and have never had any significant problems with the company. Our clients have all been well taken care of. We continue to recommend Cigna insurance products without hesitation where we think they’re a good fit for our client’s needs.

Corporate Responsibility

Even while delivering exceptional customer service, all Cigna employees are given 8 hours of paid time off each year to volunteer with non-profit health and community service organizations.

Cigna’s Expat Program (Cigna Global’s International Health Insurance)

Much like how some people prefer chunky tomato sauce and other people prefer a smoother sauce, everyone will have different needs and therefore require different things from their health insurer.

Another reason we like recommending Cigna in Hong Kong to expats and travellers is that they have niche products designed specifically for the needs of expats from New York to Nairobi. They have been doing this for a long time and have developed deep knowledge, capabilities like their Global Health Assist program, and resources to support the international healthcare needs of expats.

Cigna Global has developed comprehensive but customizable health insurance plans specifically for expats but their international expertise also works well for businesses with international business activities.

Learn More about How Cigna Can Help with Your Employee Benefits Needs

We think Cigna can be a great fit for your individual health insurance or corporate group benefits needs.

Get in touch with a licensed Trusted Union agent to learn about alternatives or more about how Cigna Global Health Benefits can design an internationally complaint health and benefits solution that is both cost-effective and comprehensive.

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