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April International, has specialized in international insurance for nearly 40 years.

APRIL, an international insurance services group, has chosen innovation as the key to driving its development, by seeing insurance from the customer's perspective.

Making this commitment, which means pushing boundaries and keeping things simple, has enabled APRIL to become in under 20 years the leading wholesale broker in France and an international authority with operations in 34 different countries.

Over 3,800 staff members insure, advise, design, manage and distribute insurance solutions and assistance services for private individuals, professionals and businesses, amounting to some 6 million policyholders. April’s turnover in 2014 was €766.3 million.
For every expatriate situation, an international insurance solution:

Whether you're a student, on an internship, planning a working holiday, in work or retired, travelling alone or with your family, APRIL International will support you during your time abroad with a range of comprehensive and flexible insurance solutions suitable for all kinds of expatriates and all budgets.

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