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For over 15 years, ALC Health Insurance has been looking after and protecting the health of individuals, families and international businesses across the world with a range of flexible and innovative international health insurance plans that reflect the lifestyle and needs of today’s expatriate international travellers and global citizens while maintaining high levels of personal service.

Having worked with ALC Health for 10 years, we have seen first-hand how ALC uses their experience and deep industry knowledge to offer responsive care to our customers anywhere in the world. ALC has always taken care of our clients from policy services to claims support and handling.

Why We Like Working with ALC Health Insurance

We work with ALC because, like us, they appreciate that no 2 individuals or organizations are the same and a personal approach is necessary for each and every one of our mutual clients.

Flexible & Comprehensive Coverage

Working with ALC Health Insurance gives us a wide range of comprehensive and flexible health insurance plans so we can tailor your benefits according to your needs and budget. They provide valuable coverage for chronic conditions, complementary medical treatment, maternity care, dental and vision, wellness, preventative tests, vaccinations, and emergency evacuation coverage to meet the needs of our diverse and unique clients.

As part of their health plans, they provide free health and travel information and a membership in the Blood Care Foundation. If you need a blood transfusion, they will source screened blood from one of their 28 approved blood banks and fly it to you when needed. They will also accept new applicants up to 74 years old and offer guaranteed renewals.

One of ALC’s strengths is that they offer highly customized plans to fit almost any niche. For example, seeing that people working in the aviation industry like pilots and cabin crew have unique healthcare needs, they developed the Flying Colours product for them and their families.

For group benefits clients, they also offer guaranteed continuation for members who leave.

Customer Service

It’s very important to us that we only work with the best international health insurance companies in the business and ALC is known for going the extra mile.

Working with ALC is easy – every policyholder who calls gets put through to a real person right away without the need to navigate an automated phone tree. The person handling your inquiry owns it from start to finish advocating on your behalf.

They also have an easy application process that allows you to get covered instantly.

Language Skills & Claims Handling

The last thing you want to do when you have a claim is deal with a company that is unwilling to help.

The ALC Health Insurance team speaks a wide range of languages and has extensive knowledge of regional cultures. They work with us to determine the protection you need and when you have a claim, they’re there to support you. They’ve handled cases in over 140 countries this past decade.

We’ve seen their staff work through the night at all hours to make sure paperwork is done so that treatment goes smoothly for a patient on the other side of the world.


When we said earlier that ALC is a great fit for expat travellers and global citizens, we meant it. They offer online claims service, a 24/7 claims support and pre-authorisation, and ALC World: an online library of vetted doctors and medical facilities spanning 175 countries. With access to this portal, you’re able to locate the best medical facilities no matter where you are in the world.

No matter where in the world you live or work, ALC leverages technology to make it easy for you to get the very best medical treatment.


Many of ALC Health’s advisors are expatriates so they understand what it feels like to live far away from home or in countries where healthcare isn’t so readily available. Having lived it, they know how important it is for people to feel secure and confident about the medical treatment and support they’re receiving from their health insurance company.

With that level of personal experience with the expat life, they’re able to empathize more with their insureds which leads to better overall service and better products designed to meet their unique needs. They also have extensive local knowledge that is rarely seen in the market.

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We think that ALC Global Health Insurance is a great fit for expats, international travellers or businesses with international interests. We won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who can benefit from their products.

If you’re interested in learning more about what plans ALC Health Insurance provides, how their policies can protect you on your travels, or for a comparison between ALC and other leading alternatives, get in touch with a Trusted Union insurance professional.

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