Short term health insurance

Short Term Health Insurance

Whether you’re planning a work trip, to study abroad or a vacation with your family, there are some essentials you need to pack with you: passport, comfy clothes for the plane ride,enough clean underwear, and of course, health insurance.
Health insurance options while abroad are broken down into 2 general types: travel insurance and short-term international health insurance. Travel insurance is usually location specific and used for short trips (no more than 180 days). If you’re away on a sabbatical, gap year, work placement, or some other lengthy trip going from country to country, short-term health insurance would be your best option.


While coverage will vary between insurers, most will cover you for:

  • Medical Expenses: this includes things like hospital care, outpatient services like X-rays, dental, therapy, medical devices, etc.
  • Evacuation & Repatriation: this coverage pays for emergency evacuation, costs of repatriating or local burial of the deceased or even to pay travel expenses so that a relative can come visit you.

Many insurers also offer 24 hour medical help with assistants that can speak to your local doctor and figure out the best course of treatment for you or to get a second opinion. If you need an emergency blood transfusion, some insurers can even fly blood to you anywhere in the world within 12-18 hours.

Coverage is global so you’re protected no matter where you’re going but there are restrictions. Be sure to discuss these with your insurance advisor so they can recommend the right coverage for you.

If you’re planning a trip and would like to learn more, contact us to speak with one of our advisers who can set you up with the right protection so you can depart with peace of mind.

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