One of the best ways to save money on your health insurance spending has nothing to do with modifying your cover, clever negotiations, shopping around, or anything like that. It has to do with staying healthy. If you stay healthy, you won’t claim as much on your policy leading to cheaper premiums as you can potentially take a higher deductible or excess to reduce your annual health insurance premiums.

Health & Wellbeing Tip #1: Juicing

The Hong Kong Department of Health recommends adults consume at least 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits per day. But it’s no mystery that most human beings don’t get enough fruits and vegetables to meet the recommended daily dose.

Hong Kongers live busy lives and love eating out. With that sort of lifestyle, it is very hard to get the proper nutrition required to stay healthy. If you don’t have time to eat fruit and vegetables, the healthcare experts we’ve spoken to recommend juicing as a quick and easy way to get more of that food group into your diet. While you don’t get as much fibre when you juice, you’re still getting a lot of those important vitamins and minerals.

Do I need an expensive juicer?

The next question that follows is whether you need to buy an expensive juicing machine – no you don’t. All you need is a blender. Just peel the fruit, remove some seeds, and throw them in the blender. If it gets too thick, just add some water. By using a blender, you also make sure you’re keeping that all-important fibre in your juice.

After that, just pour it into a bottle and you’re ready to head out the door. For food safety reasons, try to make juice fresh every day.

Experiment with different flavours

Try making different color juices to make sure you’re getting a lot of different vitamins and minerals and experiment with proportions and combinations. To make green juice, we like blending apples, pears, celery and parley together. Strawberry & cucumber is another popular combination around the office.

Pro tip: ripe fruit contains more nutrients than un-ripe fruit.

Want more health insurance money saving tips?

Hopefully by now, you’re on your way to eating better and living longer.

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