Hong Kong is a popular expat destination for many reasons: the food, the people, and the business opportunities, but also for the healthcare. Hong Kong has one of the most developed medical systems in Asia and unlike many popular expat destinations; the public healthcare system is available to non-permanent residents as long as you have a valid visa and ID card. This is an important lifeline for expats concerned about the cost of private medical treatment in Hong Kong. But there are downsides to the public system that prompt many expats to turn to private medical treatment.

The public healthcare system in Hong Kong is without a doubt modern and well-run. But because the public healthcare system is high quality and low cost, there are long wait times, bureaucracy, and not much comfort or privacy. For example, at Tuen Mun Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Center, you can expect to wait 30 weeks for general surgery.

With private hospitals and clinics, you’re more likely to find an English-speaking doctor. You will also benefit from better quality equipment, more familiar doctors and medical staff and more luxurious accommodations.

Private Hospitals in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has 11 registered private hospitals with rooms ranging from the general ward (3-6 beds), semi-private rooms with just 2 beds, private rooms, and even deluxe suites.

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital – The Ellen Suite

If luxury is what you’re looking for, then this is one of the best in Hong Kong. The suite is on the 37th floor and covers over 2000 square feet. It has views of the Happy Valley skyline a 70 inch HDTV, a dining area that can fit your whole family, an open-concept kitchen, free wireless internet, security system, and even a companion room with its own washroom.

Cost: $22,500 HKD per night.

Matilda International Hospital – The VIP Room

This room is more like a luxury suite with crown mouldings, a private balcony and catering form the Shangri-la Hotel.

If you can’t afford these lavish suites, don’t worry. Even the most basic rooms are private hospitals are better than any room in a public hospital.

Cost of Private Hospital Treatment in Hong Kong

Private medical treatment in Hong Kong is more luxurious but it’s also much more expensive. Nowhere is this comparison more clear than when you compare it with data from other countries like the UK.

Procedure Hong Kong United Kingdom
MRI $12,580.00 HKD  $2,560 HKD
Normal Childbirth $60,340 HKD $20,488 HKD
Doctor’s Visit $300 HKD FREE

Source: https://www.localiiz.com/public-or-private-a-comprehensive-guide-to-healthcare-in-hong-kong/

It’s hard to work out exactly how much private hospital treatments cost because there are a lot of extra fees and optional charges that all add up to a pretty penny. Pricing at private hospitals isn’t very transparent with varying room rates, different costs related to timing, surgeon experience, and for additional complications.

If you prefer the conveniences of private healthcare, you should consider purchasing health insurance to help cover some of these costs.