Employees Compensation Insurance is mandatory under the Hong Kong Employee’s Compensation Ordinance. Any Hong Kong employer (corporation or individual) that has at least one employee, must carry Employees Compensation insurance.

Employee's Compensation Insurance, also known as EC Insurance, must be held by all employers in Hong Kong. If your workers are Part-Time, Temporary, or Full Time or work as an intern, then by law you must protect your staff by an Employees Compensation Insurance policy.

This insurance protects both employee and employer in the event an employee is injured or becomes ill due to work related activities. Failing to comply with this legal code can result in severe financial penalties for your business.

Employment Compensation insurance is also needed if you an employ a Domestic Helper. You will require Domestic Helper Employment Compensation insurance.

What is Employees Compensation Insurance?

Employees Compensation insurance provides cover for any employee who becomes injured or ill as a result of job-related activities. The minimum limits that must be purchased by a business with less than 200 employees is HK$100 million. This cover also protects the employer, as now they are no longer liable for the costs of workplace injuries or illnesses to employees.

Trusted Union is a trusted insurance provider that can provide you or your business with a range of options from the insurance market for an employee compensation insurance policy. The insurance will make sure that you and your workers are adequately covered.

To compare a range of Employee Compensation insurance policies or quotes in Hong Kong, or if you would like to learn more about this type of insurance coverage, our Trusted Union advisors are ready to help you.

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